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Posted 20 Nov 2022 by DGG
Asteroids is no longer listed as a BOINC project because it's been gone for so long. I couldn't find any reference here of the address needed to reattach to your server and BOINC doesn't show it either. Most people thought Asteroids was dead and gone permanently when no one communicated for so long. Welcome back! But now you need to get BOINC to put you back on their list again so people can connect.

Please tell us what the address we need to connect to is.
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Posted 9 Mar 2015 by DGG
I think, what the original poster was saying was that they couldn't readd Asteroids in BOINC Manager. Neither can many others I know including myself. It asks for the login then says it fails to attach and to try again later. Been doing this for over two weeks now. New tasks may or may not be there yet but if people can't attach Asteroids in BOINC manager its not going to do any good to get new tasks. The server currently isn't allowing me or those I know to add it in BOINC manager.

I have several other projects running AOK so just figured Asteroids was still down and it would eventually be fixed. But then I saw the "new work units coming" message on the main page and realized the operator of this project doesn't know the Asteroids project is still down in that you can't add it to BOINC Manager.
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Posted 29 Aug 2012 by DGG
Ok, that's the info I was looking for. Thanks for posting and reading the forums!

Its nice to see an administrator who responds to posts!

I'll patiently await some new workunits for a Windows application when you get around to creating one! None of my PCs use Linux.
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Posted 27 Aug 2012 by DGG
I didn't see any homepage up and running yet (still says under construction) and didn't see a lot of info on the main page so will ask here:

Is there an organization behind this project like a university or private company? How will the information learned here be shared among the scientific community? Where is this research being conducted (USA state or university or country)?

Sounds like interesting science but I also like to know who my PCs are doing the crunching for.