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Posted 9 Apr 2017 by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
Yes Couch.
Need to be patient and it should get back on track soon.
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Posted 19 May 2013 by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo
35 Gflops now.

I hope the pentathlon has boosted a bit the project and proven your server is quite stable.

It was a pleasure to crunch on your project.
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Posted 2 Jan 2013 by [AF>Libristes] Dudumomo

Though I do know my i7 970 is clocking 12 WU at at a time in about 3.5 hours. Which means I am doing one asteroid in 87.5 hours?? Am I oversimplifying things haha.

Based on Kyong answer, my understanding is that:

A Q9400 (quad core) needs 1200h for an asteroid.
Each asteroid is divided in 250-300parts (Let's say 300) and thus each part needs 4h per unit (1200h/300parts) at full load. (4 cores)

You are doing 12WUs in 3.5h, meaning you are doing 3 times more WUs than a Quad core while calculating 14% faster the units.

So basically, you are analyzing a complete asteroid in:
300 parts x 3.5h / 3 times more cores
= 350h.

It is an approximation.

But I will be more interested to know how many asteroids we are analyzing, at what speed, etc... for curiosity