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Posted 13 Mar 2024 by Shawn85206
I have four projects I run on my PC's. Asteroids is allocated 10% of the total resources, but just having returned from vacation, I see that Asteroids has taken virtually 100%, and has acted similarly in the past, with nothing but its datasets being processed. If I stop all its work and delete what's in the cache, all my other projects immediately populate and start running, so it's not an issue with others not having work available.

Does Asteroids respect Resource Share, or ignore it? I'm seriously considering deleting it as a program I work on. I have seen the issue on both Windows and Linux systems.
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Posted 28 Mar 2018 by Shawn85206
I have three laptops, two rarely have their lids open and exclusively run BOINC work. I had to go into power settings and tell Windows NOT to shut them down when the screen is closed BUT they are on AC power. Lots of little gotchas in Power settings.
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Posted 23 May 2016 by Shawn85206
Have nearly three pages of uploads and another two or three days of data left, glad to hear it's not me or problems with Cox at my end.