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Posted 20 Jun 2023 by [TA]Assimilator1
Yea, looks like that project's been shelved :(
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Posted 7 Sep 2020 by [TA]Assimilator1
Deja vu ;)
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Posted 6 Sep 2020 by [TA]Assimilator1
Over six years ago you made the same post as the one above. I sure hope that someone will provide the information you need so that we can all put our AMD/ATI graphics cards to work, FINALLY!!

I think you mean 1yr 5mths ago ;), but regardless, I agree he should've had an answer by now.

It can't be that often that a programmer offers their services!
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Posted 26 Apr 2020 by [TA]Assimilator1
CUDA is for Nvidia GPUs.
I would think it'd automatically d/l the app if you have the right GPU.

You could use GPU-Z to see which GPU you have.
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Posted 8 Oct 2019 by [TA]Assimilator1
And WUs are available now!
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Posted 8 Oct 2019 by [TA]Assimilator1
Hi Admins
What's going on? No WUs for days!

By all means link me if I've missed a relevant thread.....

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Posted 24 Jun 2018 by [TA]Assimilator1
Please delete, forum was running slow :p
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Posted 24 Jun 2018 by [TA]Assimilator1
Out of WUs again I see :(....
Oh well, I'm overdue to run some SETI anyway!
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Posted 31 Oct 2017 by [TA]Assimilator1
Still no WUs, damn :(
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Posted 31 May 2017 by [TA]Assimilator1
I recall this project running out of disk space before but not WUs, although I haven't been running this project constantly over the past (nearly) 4yrs I've signed up to it.
And I'm not exactly new to DC btw :p.

They seem to have plenty of WUs now anyway :)
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Posted 29 May 2017 by [TA]Assimilator1
Server has no more WUs & my cache ran out last night :(.
What's up?

I want very much to help but have found no clear listings of what to expect from running this on my system. like what amount of time when no usage as compared to some usage. Also what is a good system Specification list to help the most I am able.
I am not a college student but I am a science enthusiast.

You're asking in the wrong thread really, as titled, it's about the project server.
It's not clear what you're asking either TBH, but what to expect? Err you'll crunch data(work) units for Asteroids@home & get credited a score for each WU ;). As for what the project itself does, that's on the front page.

If you mean the affect to your PC, well it'll use more electricity & it'll run hotter, but if you've got adequate cooling & it's not clogged full of dust, it'll be fine. It is worth noting that I have found this project to run the CPU hotter than any other project I've ran.
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Posted 8 Apr 2017 by [TA]Assimilator1

How come this keeps happening?
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Posted 11 Mar 2017 by [TA]Assimilator1
Thanks for the update :)
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Posted 6 Mar 2017 by [TA]Assimilator1
Still got an upload server space issue/message here.......
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Posted 21 Dec 2016 by [TA]Assimilator1
For Milkyway & Einstein@H, both of those require Double Precision processing abilities. Whilst all desktop 7800s have that, only the 7870 XT has a decent amount, but either way you can crunch those projects :).
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Posted 9 Nov 2016 by [TA]Assimilator1
No word from the staff on this???

Seems my last failed WUs were on the 24/10, fingers crossed that was the last of them!........
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Posted 1 Oct 2016 by [TA]Assimilator1
Looking at some of my errored WUs as well as this thread, I'm glad to see it isn't just me!

Looking at this WU ,it seems to happen with different extensions, but of the last 6 I looked at all were ps_160922 WUs
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Posted 25 May 2016 by [TA]Assimilator1
Thanks for the update :), better late than never ;), good to know you're on the case.
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Posted 24 May 2016 by [TA]Assimilator1

Same problem here, about to run out of WUs so I'm going to enable another project.
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Posted 14 May 2016 by [TA]Assimilator1
Same problem here, but server status shows upload server running!
Anyone any clue?

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