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Posted 5 Jul 2020 by wolfman1360
Here are my results:

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!
Might throw them at Milkyway. I'm not a fan of the numbers projects, even though they yank in stupidly high amounts of credit.
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Posted 29 Jun 2020 by wolfman1360
Have been away from this project for a while and saw that they finally released optimized applications for the new Nvidia cards.
If I remember correctly, it wasn't all that worthwhile crunching on a GTX 1080 back then vs. a CPU - I think it was equal to about 2 modern CPU threads in terms of speed. Maybe a bit more.
So should I even bother crunching with the GPU? Will I really get that many workunits completed? Or would it be more worth my while to crunch with a few of my 3rd gen Ryzen's?

Hopefully crunching on the GPU is more optimized than it used to be. If not, I still love the science this project is doing. Can always keep the GPUs at folding at home, for now.

thanks for any help
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Posted 1 Feb 2020 by wolfman1360
Always best to grab a few days worth of work.
The 800000 plus WUs on the server went pretty quick, and there are still 345000 in progress. I'm not sure why the work generator can't get units in quicker, but it seems like when the 100000 or so mark is hit we end up with more work.
I wouldn't say get 10 days of work with 10 days of cache; clearly people are doing that - but keeping at least 2 days of work with perhaps a 1 day or 2 of cached work wouldn't hurt. E.g. store up to 2 days with an additional 1 or 2 days. That way you're not overwelming the server and the projects, if yoou have any, set at 0% can work just a little, maybe 1 or two days. When you set a poject to 0% the project will only keep enough work on your machine to keep the cores active and won't keep any waiting in the cue.
I usually have Rosetta as a backup with 0% resource usage. Really nice balance, it seems - but it all depends where your interests are. For me, the number projects do nothing so Asteroids, milkyway, WCG, Rosetta, or even Seti (despite the tons and tons of folks with ridiculous amounts of gpu power there that make me feel vastly outclassed with mostly cpus here...)
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Posted 20 Oct 2019 by wolfman1360
What was your setting about the cache size for work units?

If the run time of the WUs increase extremely, than every project will ran into timing problem.
But its absolutely no problem to abort some WUs - they will be sent to other people then.

A solution would be if the stupid Boinc Manager will have some more options (e.g. number of WUs instead of time for the cache size or if a new sort of batch is detected to wait for download of many WUs until the first is finished)

There are some projects that have this listed in the preferences e.g. how many specific WU's are sent to each device.
I wish that Asteroids was smarter about picking SSE and AVX tasks on supported processors. Maybe not a huge difference, but a big enough one.
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Posted 12 Oct 2019 by wolfman1360
Of course when all of these WUs drop we're under a severe winter storm warning over here in Canada, complete with periodic power outages. With that, i'm seeing times of some of these WUs climbing into 10 plus hours. I'm hoping a restart will fix this but I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot of aborted wus.
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Posted 11 Oct 2019 by wolfman1360
And WUs are available now!

But not any more...

The latest batch was only half the size and lasted less than two days!!!

I cannot but wonder if the project isn't coming to its very end now?

When "theSkyNet/POGS" ended last year it happened totally without any warnings from the admins!
(Probably to minimize the set of remaining tasks circulating out in the grid.)
Is this project maybe heading in the same direction?


Hope not, but if this continues I will be pulling my 100 plus threads out. I get outages, but having them without a word as to why is disheartening.
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Posted 5 Oct 2019 by wolfman1360
Hi David!

Seems that we're temporarily out of work for the moment, but I have PM:ed one of the admins so hopefully there will be new WUs soon. (This usually happens twice a month or so.)

Just keep the computer running and it will ask the servers regularly and get tasks as soon as they appear on the server.

Have a nice week!!


Still nothing.
What was the last peak of active users within 24 hours, something like 4300? Now it's 1300. 3000 people that would compute for Asteroids@Home are now doing something else.
So much wasted computing power. Instead of computing for something as important as asteroid research, the computing power now goes towards solving completely pointless mathematical stuff ... like stupid prime numbers, aliquot sequences or calculating Pi to 150 million decimal places ... or something similarly pointless. Since those are some of the few projects that yield a decent reward for CPUs.

I just ranted a little. Sorry.
Oh man I seriously can't even begin to agree with you enough there. I'm not into math, at all, yet it pays the best out of everything for no other reason than to attract crunchers- and attract it does.

Then there are the biological and medicine related projects that pay a pittance compared to even this project. 2 years of crunching regularly and exclusively got me to 25 million credits over at WCG. It's disheartening that I've already, after only crunching regularly here for less than a month, nearly gained 10 million credits.

I'm well aware that it's all about the science. But when you see those numbers crawling up and taking months and months to get into the hundreds of thousands (yes, Seti, I'm looking at you) it just doesn't seem worth it.

And don't get me started on project participation by the admins. Most of the numbers projects have fantastic administrative and GPU/CPU support and optimizations. I joined this project because my fleet is primarily CPUs and very few GPUs worth crunching with (and this project doesn't really give much of a reward for using a gpu). This lack of work and more frustrating yet, lack of word from any admin or developer is making me want to move 100 plus threads varying from Atom to Ryzen elsewhere where I will feel more appreciated. My electric bill goes up because I crunch - we could have a bit of transparency to explain why work isn't forthcoming. Is it because the server reaches a certain amount then gets overwhelmed? Do folks take vacations on the weekend?
DO folks recommend any other CPU projects similar to this that pay reasonably well? Milkyway? Einstein? I'd like to support Climate prediction, but they have such small batches of work that I can never seem to get any recently.

Sorry for the long message.
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Posted 5 Oct 2019 by wolfman1360
I like the idea of a badge that is awarded not for points, but for number of models produced. I could see it as a separate badge with just a single number in the middle that increases for each valid model you produce.

My understanding is that much of the data that is processed fails to produce a valid model, and that even when a data set DOES produce a valid model, there are a lot of computational "dead ends" that occur along the way, so an individual actually identifying a valid model is pretty uncommon when compared to all other possible outcomes.

I know its about the scientific results in the end, but if it isn't too difficult to implement, it doesn't hurt to have a little "reward" for the users.

I love that idea! That would certainly give me more incentive.
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Posted 2 Oct 2019 by wolfman1360
Seems to happen right around the 350000 in progress mark.
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Posted 29 Sep 2019 by wolfman1360
I just got here - well, my account has been created for several years now - but I decided to come on over here from WCG exclusively and give it a shot.
Now I find myself in a similar situation. I will likely reach my goal and leave the building, as it were, which is unfortunate, because I love the idea of this project. But no staff communication = no fun.
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Posted 29 Sep 2019 by wolfman1360
It's almost been a year since the release of these new cards and not a word from the administration. With that being said, a gtx 1080 is about 3 x a single thread in terms of speed at this point, so maybe they're trying to work on the entire application and make it faster?

Either way it's very disheartening not getting a single update. I finally decided to crunch here for the long term, but after going in depth and browsing these forums, I believe I'll meet my goal and find somewhere else to crunch.

Rant time: Maybe it is a lack of funding. Maybe it is a lack of time. But no communication whatsoever after we, as crunchers, devote thousands of hours (as well as in some cases dollars) into builds, electrical costs, etc. Sorry, that isn't right.
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Posted 28 Sep 2019 by wolfman1360
Had this project on my Oneplus 6t over the last week or so and haven't been getting any work at all. Boinc website claims that Android is supported but I can't find much reference to it apart from a few years ago.
Am I to assume Android is no longer supported? Sad as I had 24 or so extra Android threads here to dedicate to this and one other project that similarly seems to have stopped sending out Android workunits.
thanks for any help.
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Posted 22 Sep 2019 by wolfman1360
Seems to be no work available again.
I do have a random question, though perhaps I should throw it in a new topic. A gtx 1080 doesn't seem to be crunching tasks much quicker than a few CPU threads at a time. Is there any reason for this?