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1) Message boards : News : There is going to be a big maintenance starting on 11.09.2017 (Message 5487)
Posted 13 Sep 2017 by Profile Overtonesinger
WUs will stay there until (the main project-server goes online and) they are successfuly reported. :-)
2) Message boards : News : There is going to be a big maintenance starting on 11.09.2017 (Message 5482)
Posted 12 Sep 2017 by Profile Overtonesinger
Good point!

Me too!

I remember having read once, maybe for another project, that it is technically impossible to change the deadline after the WUs are sent out. What Kyong could do, is suspending the validator for the first 24 hours. Only fresh WUs would be sent out in the beginning. This would give us all a full day to report our work and prevent the system from issuing replacement units. We would get credit for our useful work and no replacement units would be wasted (3 units reported for a quorum of 2).
3) Message boards : News : There is going to be a big maintenance starting on 11.09.2017 (Message 5480)
Posted 12 Sep 2017 by Profile Overtonesinger
Hehe, I currently have cca 160 WUs completed...
and every day about 110 new avx-WUs are completed on my Ryzen 1800X ;)

I currently have 31 w/u`s that are completed and awaiting upload with a deadline of the 14th, plus several w/u`s for the 15th, so hoping Kyong will adjust the necessary deadline dates for these to be accepted.
4) Message boards : News : There is going to be a big maintenance starting on 11.09.2017 (Message 5473)
Posted 9 Sep 2017 by Profile Overtonesinger
Yes. Exactly. Good point.

As my observations reveal, it probably expects sse2/sse3 to be faster, sending it (to AMD CPUs) FIRST. But as the PC computes cca 600 WUs, it will try sending another 600 of AVX to fairly measure the effective throughput in GIGAFlops (visible on the page with application statistics for the host). So, when the host computed cca six hundred WUs of sse2, the server finally has started to send it AVX WUs. But the statistics does NOT look well for the AVX, because this host has always had some ISSUE with CPU cooling (despite huge 150W cooler Pure Rock). AVX2 generates MORE heat which throttles (or used to throttle - before the problem was partially solved) the CPU clocks down + it takes more CPU resources, making the "Multi-Threading" less effective! So, sse2 wins (it seems), but it is really close. But after I will upgrade cooling to water... AVX2 will win :-)

Edit: OK, AVX is already winning. Because the cooling is better now.

BRISINGR-II application details:
5) Message boards : News : There is going to be a big maintenance starting on 11.09.2017 (Message 5470)
Posted 5 Sep 2017 by Profile Overtonesinger
ale joooo! :-)
Thanx, Kyong! Stacking up on full 10 days worth of Asteroids WUs !

But please, why doesn't the project automatically send AVX WUs to Ryzen CPUs?? Please, check my host "BRISINGR-II" - - he has got just many many many sse3 tasks only - for reasons unknown! ... They (AVX) really run a lot faster on ZEN-architecture AMDs (tested) than sse3 (eventhough they sure DO generate a bit of extra heat... approx. +10 Watts).

Thanx (anyone) in advance for any explanation on what might be the cause of this mystery... :-)
6) Message boards : News : Application with nvidia 1070/1080 support added (Message 5386)
Posted 29 Apr 2017 by Profile Overtonesinger
1st) Appreciate it! I just got my Asus Strix Gaming 1070. The app rocks! :-)

2nd) But the legacy CUDA code (as I have seen) does not use any new features. So it should convert just fine. :-)
7) Message boards : News : Application with nvidia 1070/1080 support added (Message 5089)
Posted 9 Dec 2016 by Profile Overtonesinger
NOW it suddenly works again. The file transfers completed successfully! Thank You so much!

But how did You repair it, if not a secret? :O
8) Message boards : News : Application with nvidia 1070/1080 support added (Message 5088)
Posted 8 Dec 2016 by Profile Overtonesinger
Hi, FoxKyong! Good job.

But do You know that there seems to be and is "Waiting for tasks..." status PROBLEM on ALL Android devices in the world ??? It lasts more than 48 hours already now and it does NOT seem to go away automatically anytime soon...

PLEASE, PLEASE, investigate and help me!
I will try to post my log here to the Android testers Group:!topic/boinc-android-testing/qXg_0PVJKio

I did NOT change the default settings on Asteroids@home project. However, I have changed them on PrimeGrid. But now, I have removed ALL other projects, co only Asteroids remained. It did NOT help.

It is just unable to upload and to download files. It gives no errors in the log at log level 2 however when I press "Retry file transfers". (It behaves the same on every WiFi and also on my Vodafone mobile-data plan).

Is there maybe some https certificate EXPIRED or some other weird problem at the server that prevents ANDROID from transfering files???
(But it lets Win/Linux/MacOS clients to transfer files, maybe because those OS-es don't care much about the expired certs and just permit them?).
9) Message boards : News : Progress Report #01 (September 2015) (Message 4624)
Posted 7 Sep 2015 by Profile Overtonesinger
Great news. :)

10) Message boards : News : Server is stable again (Message 3938)
Posted 12 Jan 2015 by Profile Overtonesinger
Good luck in new job, Radim!

Relax and be happy.
11) Message boards : News : Server maintenance (Message 3288)
Posted 2 Jul 2014 by Profile Overtonesinger

It's not about the credit. Some of us have grown quite attached to Asteroids@Home. It sort of feels a little like our own project... so it's natural that we want to know what is happening.

Oh yes, this is so true. And it is some sort of expected human interaction, that the volunteers keep being informed. It's the difference between interactions between computers and humans, the feeling of being part of it.

Yeah. This is obvious Truth.
Thank You for expressing it so precisely.
12) Message boards : News : Maintenance running (Message 2801)
Posted 17 Mar 2014 by Profile Overtonesinger

We have info. :)
All is cool.

Big Thank You, Kyong. For all your great work.
13) Message boards : News : Server on-line (Message 2687)
Posted 11 Mar 2014 by Profile Overtonesinger
WOW, the CUDA code of Asteroids is very well commented and readable!
I can understand it. 99 of it without looking into CUDA API reference! This is COOL.
Re-write this into OpenCL will be a toy :).

Hmm, will need the latest version of it soon.............. :)
14) Message boards : News : Server upgrade (Message 2471)
Posted 30 Jan 2014 by Profile Overtonesinger
WoW. 7! Thats a lot of disks. :)

Please, Kyong, do You know of anyone who has programmed a boinc screensaver?
I am really thinking about (after the OpenCL version) the possibility to show the data - what is exactly being computed. I mean - "morphing asteroid" probably, because it is searching for the shape, right?
And light from the right side ..., the current rotation period, etc.
15) Message boards : News : BOINC server software upgraded (Message 2470)
Posted 30 Jan 2014 by Profile Overtonesinger
OK, Kyong.
Are there any CUDA tasks ready to send?

Is it so, that the project will ask BOINC about CUDA compute capability that it has detected on startup and ... if it is 1.2 or lower, it will *NOT* send tasks for NVidia, because double precision FLOP is supported from CUDA capability 1.3 ?

Can You please add a message to the new BOINC server ... that is it does NOT send tasks, so why? For example: No tasks ... or CUDA capabilities needed: 1.3+ , detected: 1.2. I really got only message: No tasks sent.

Thank You. :-)
16) Message boards : News : New applications for GPU released (Message 2417)
Posted 16 Jan 2014 by Profile Overtonesinger
I will test this on Win8 x64 - as soon as I will have some time to plug in the new NVidia card into my destop computer.
17) Message boards : News : Server maintenance (Message 2151)
Posted 4 Dec 2013 by Profile Overtonesinger
Hi, Radim.

For the last 2 days (until today morning) I was getting unusual error on all computers ... when uploading results:
"Invalid file handler."

And every upload has stopped at (about) 0.24%.

Was anyone else also getting this err ??? :-)

Was there something (in settings etc...) that has changed on the SERVER recently?

... Or maybe it was just some "error state" of my software AP (Asus USB net-card) on Windows XP ?
(I have fiber-optic internet "ViaGIA Lite" in demo mode right now. Might also be due to some provider err.)
18) Message boards : News : Maintenance done (Message 1964)
Posted 23 Oct 2013 by Profile Overtonesinger
This is extremely useful on android devices in my opinion. Cell phones connect to WiFi just occasionally. It is good if they have 31 hours of work (especially if they go offline - far from the city - during some weekend). :-)
19) Message boards : News : New updated applications released (Message 1835)
Posted 29 Sep 2013 by Profile Overtonesinger
On my android-tablet (Cortex A8 1.0 GHz) it is also 25 hours (no change from the old one, because it probably has no hardware double precision floating point).
And so I let Einstein-at-Home to compute there (effectively - nearly the same time like on my HTC One-V (1.0 GHz Snapdragon CPU).

On my HTC One-V (Snapdragon) new asteroid WUs seem faster approx. by 12 percent. They now complete (in average) in 15.333333333 hours. Old units were nearly 17h.
20) Message boards : News : New improved versions of SSE2 and SSE3 released (Message 1766)
Posted 16 Sep 2013 by Profile Overtonesinger
OK now. First WU completed on ARMv7 Cortex A8 , in 37.75 hours:

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