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Posted 8 Mar 2024 by Profile Clint
If you work on this project very much you'll find days where the website is down and sever stops with no explanation, no admin response, or update to announcements.
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Posted 8 Jul 2020 by Profile Clint
I have over 20 completed work units that won't upload, "error reported by file upload server,: can't open log file /log_project1/file_upload_handler.log errno: 9
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Posted 8 Feb 2019 by Profile Clint
Bloodrain/Luigi, I think you miss my point. When a way of folding a protein fails, that is useful at expanding knowledge and eliminating that method. When you crunch for prime numbers, either it is or isn't. When analyzing particle data collision for LHC, it is all valid data. The successes and failures of these work units both provide scientific value. That is fundamentally different then searching through junk data to hope at a low percentage chance at deriving something like asteroids or SETI.
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Posted 10 Dec 2018 by Profile Clint
The last paper published had figured about 1% of data had made models. I'd be interested to know if any key learning have been made. 99% data is a lot of cpu cycle that could be measuring gravitational waves, folding proteins, or modeling particle collisions.
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Posted 4 Dec 2018 by Profile Clint
I don't think so. I stopped prioritizing this project since the September 2015 progress update.

Basically out of all the data being crunched, most of it is garbage. Only a small fraction of the work ends up being used to derive models. Without models, there isn't much scientific inference. I would be glad to hear of some new news if there is any.