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Posted 19 Jan 2016 by Chris Skull
On my machines i notice that SSE2 units run faster as SSE3 and AVX... schould be nicely if user can select the apps they wish in they're preferences...
Only 3 examples:

i5-3470 Win7:
SSE2: 293.98 GFLOPS
SSE3: 231.04 GFLOPS

A10-7870K Linux:
SSE2: 164.79 GFLOPS
AVX: 156.70 GFLOPS
SSE3: 150.51 GFLOPS

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Win7:
SSE2: 128.30 GFLOPS
SSE3: 118.18 GFLOPS
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Posted 30 Dec 2015 by Chris Skull
ID: 265790 is in host.gz\host
= it is exported OK by asteroidsathome
(so blame/ask stats sites why it is still not shown)

You can also see that SkyNet POGS is shown by Free-DC but not by BOINCstats

Free-DC:        Universe@Home 49,000.00
BOINCstats:   Universe@Home 37,666.67

Which means BOINCstats lags too much back in time

OK, thank you very much for information :)
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Posted 28 Dec 2015 by Chris Skull


This one have no asteroid-credits at stats pages...
ID: 265790
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Posted 24 Dec 2015 by Chris Skull
are there known problems with the reporting to the stats pages ?
One of my machines don't show Asteroids at all on BoincStats and FreeDC.
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Posted 23 Aug 2015 by Chris Skull
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Posted 14 Mar 2015 by Chris Skull
Hello... we are hungry ;-) give us food please...