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Posted 6 days ago by ahorek's team
Welcome Bud!
in short, a single WU doesn't have enough data for the whole asteroid. The project processes data from multiple sky surveys like ZTF, Atlas, or Catalina. These observations are distributed across many volunteers and mixed to produce meaningful data like the rotation period, size, shape etc... more observations of a single celestial body further improve the accuracy, so we can't say exactly how many asteroids were processed by your PC, it varies a lot.

if you want to know more, I recommend this talk by Mr. Durech.
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Posted 6 days ago by ahorek's team
the BOINC client has control over managing tasks. There's a difference between Suspend and Snooze, see perhaps, that could be the culprit?

you can disallow OpenCL tasks in the project preferences, but that's another issue.
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Posted 7 days ago by ahorek's team
It might be related, but it's unlikely to be the main reason. About a month ago, there was a DOS attack originating from China, and it may still be ongoing despite the countermeasures that were implemented...
I've told the admins to recheck the server logs, and I'll inform you as soon as I receive any updates. However, given that they're usually busy and today is a holiday, it might take some time.
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Posted 9 days ago by ahorek's team
ok, could you try this one?
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Posted 10 days ago by ahorek's team
here's an app for vfpv3 cpus you can run it on an anonymous platform.

There seems to be a problem with the server configuration that allows the vfpv4 app for devices that don't support it. I'll let maintainers know about the issue.
Anyway, releasing the vfpv3 optimized app officially is unlikely, as this single-core CPU architecture is nearly 20 years old and takes days to complete a work unit on such devices.
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Posted 10 days ago by ahorek's team
could you post your
cat /proc/cpuinfo

the 32bit arm app is compiled with
-march=armv7-a+vfpv4 -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=vfpv4

and I assume your device doesn't support vfpv4
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Posted 6 Jun 2024 by ahorek's team
the performance hasn't dropped, 1 billion ops/sec is a default value because boinc hasn't run benchmarks on your new system yet.

you can force rerun benchmarks from a GUI Tools > Run CPU benchmarks or from a command line boinccmd --run_benchmarks

anyway, the Boinc benchmark is pretty simple and inaccurate. Average WU runtime is a better indicator of real project performance.
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Posted 22 May 2024 by ahorek's team
the phone manufacturer has decided to use a 32bit Android, even if the CPU does support 64bit, most likely due to "memory savings".
to run 64bit apps, you need a 64bit OS and I have no idea if it's even possible...
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Posted 22 May 2024 by ahorek's team
ok, arm-v8l is a 64bit CPU running in 32bit mode. So we need a 32bit app.
  <user_friendly_name>Android running on ARM armeabi-v7a</user_friendly_name>
this may work...

I'll see if I can build it and discuss with Georgi if it's worth the effort...
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Posted 22 May 2024 by ahorek's team
motherboard manufacturer sets the BIOS defaults for max power consumption and max clocks for better gaming.

I second that. There's a difference between loading a game as fast as possible where the maximum performance is needed for a short time and 24/7 computing. Setting up lower TDP limits or enabling ECO mode could significantly help reduce heat without sacrificing too much performance.
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Posted 22 May 2024 by ahorek's team
the current requirements are 64-bit and arm64-v8 cpu. Most phones from the 2014+ era with Android 5+ should work.

if there's enough interest, we can probably build an app for older architectures, but they can't use new optimizations and their performance is weak. Also, I don't have such an old phone to test the app.
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Posted 22 May 2024 by ahorek's team
if you have software that deliberately shuts down the PC after reaching a certain CPU temperature, you should disable it, because it makes no sense these days. Your CPU knows what the safety limit is.
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Posted 21 May 2024 by ahorek's team
yes, it's Zen 3 => Tmax 90°C and 95°C for Zen 4

usually, you can lower the limit in bios
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Posted 21 May 2024 by ahorek's team
old CPUs may have a temp limit, my old Bulldozer shuts down with heavy overclocking at around 70°C. Current CPUs scale the frequency to keep the thermal limit. They still shut off if the temperature is critical like 110°C, but that should happen only if you run the CPU without a mounted cooler :)
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Posted 21 May 2024 by ahorek's team
Einstein's apps are more memory intensive, they don't stress the CPU that hard. Different apps have different needs, but in general, running BOINC apps pushes a CPU to its limits (on purpose) more than regular apps and CPUs produce excessive heat under heavy load. It could potentially damage your hardware, but if there's something wrong, various protections will shut down the system before that.

for stability testing, try which is one of the most CPU intensive app
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Posted 21 May 2024 by ahorek's team
182°F == ~82°C is normal for a Zen 3 CPU like AMD Ryzen 7 5700G (under load)
here's a good explanation of why

but the temperature should be kept under the limit, shutting down the PC under load indicates a problem
I would start with monitoring software like and see what happens. It could be a PSU or some faulty component, it's hard to say...

updating a bios could also sometimes help with stability issues
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Posted 21 May 2024 by ahorek's team
note that just a high temperature isn't a problem. Modern CPUs like yours are designed to keep the maximum temperature limit around 80-95°C under load. This is normal and it also shouldn't cause shutdowns or any issues.

if your PC with 8/16 cores can't sustain 3 tasks load, there's something wrong and you should really check your cooling solution. It's not a problem with the app.

you can configure the app to use a less optimized version by putting app_config.xml into your project's folder and then restart the client
    <cmdline>--optimization 3</cmdline>

this way the app won't hit the CPU that hard, but it'll also be slower = less effective. It's just a workaround and reducing the maximum TDP as I suggested before is usually a better choice.
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Posted 20 May 2024 by ahorek's team
recent CPUs like your Zen 3 boost up higher and higher until they bump into the power, thermal, or frequency limits. Reaching 80C or 175F under heavy load is normal and by design.
unlike other apps like Einstein, Asteroids app heavily uses optimized CPU features like FMA and better CPU utilization means more heat.

I would play with the Bios / Ryzen Master... lowering power limits / disabling PBO could help significantly with temps without sacrificing too much performance.
Another factor is your integrated GPU. GPU apps are not very effective on this project and you'll likely slow down all your CPU tasks due to shared thermal limits...
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Posted 20 May 2024 by ahorek's team
hopefully, there'll be a new release soon fixing the issue. For now, you can disable AVX, see
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Posted 13 May 2024 by ahorek's team
The ETA is inaccurate because BOINC hasn't benchmarked the new app yet. It'll settle after finishing a few WUs. Anyway, I see nairb's tasks were successful, which is a good sign. Thank you both!

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