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Posted 28 Jan 2024 by ahorek's team
Bitdefender no longer detects it as malicious software, so I guess, they've fixed it. Note that our binary is still the same :)
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Posted 23 Jan 2024 by ahorek's team
Hello gentleman74,
the current rpi version is compiled with march=armv8-a

+simd option - is already enabled by default, see
+crc - these instructions aren't used by the app, so enabling this option will have no effect

unlike x86 apps, we don't have handwritten optimizations for ARMs, so NEON optimizations depend on the compiler's auto vectorization capabilities.

unfortunately playing with these compiler flags without code changes and manual optimizations won't make a difference. It's not that easy, but if you're interested in development I can give you a link to the recent source code (PM me).
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Posted 19 Jan 2024 by ahorek's team
Hi, the app has some driver issues on slow cards, especially on the Radeon R5 family + Windows

we will try to fix it in the code, but for now, disabling TDR protection might work

anyway, don't expect a good performance. I would estimate ~6 hours for a single work unit. Your CPU doesn't even support AVX, but it's most likely a more effective option for this project than utilizing a GPU.
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Posted 13 Jan 2024 by ahorek's team
are you running 20/30 gpu tasks in parallel? that's not a good idea and it won't be any better.

perhaps try with recent drivers? 516.94 is a bit older
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Posted 27 Nov 2023 by ahorek's team
you can test each application individually

download a sample workunit, rename it to "period_search_in" and place it in the same folder. Then you can reliably compare runtimes for each version.

results may vary based on the CPU you have, there are also other things to consider - power consumption, running multiple WUs, operating system etc.

usually, AVX/FMA apps have similar performance. Some server Xeons have better FMA performance so they may run faster with FMA. On the other hand, even if Bulldozer/Piledriver support superior AVX, it's actually slower than SSE3.

to give you a rough idea about general performance, here are (single thread) results on some architectures I have
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Posted 18 Oct 2023 by ahorek's team
11/72 AV suites flag it as potentially suspicious, but BitDefender is known for high false positives.

Boinc apps are CPU-intensive (on purpose) which could be one reason why they can look suspicious. If you want to be 100% sure, try reporting it
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Posted 5 Oct 2023 by ahorek's team
a new opencl version has been released today that should address the hanging issue. Could you test it and give us feedback? Thanks!
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Posted 20 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
The current app uses hand-written optimized code for AVX & FMA. Unfortunately, there are no major advantages AVX2 can provide for this specific algorithm in comparison to AVX. Simply enabling AVX2 in the compiler won't give any speedup.
AVX512 could have some features to potentially squeeze more performance on processors that support it, but the code has to be written specifically for this instruction set.
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Posted 19 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
the AMD bundle includes drivers for many cards, but the exact opencl/display driver version always depends on your specific card. Unfortunately, you can't upgrade it separately.
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Posted 19 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
yeah, it's misleading... 22.6.1 (year, month, revision) is the main driver version.

OpenCL device C version: OpenCL C 1.2 | OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (3240.7)
and one of many parts of the bundle with different versioning is an OpenCL driver - this is the second number.

I have the same legacy drivers (22.6.1), but my OpenCL drivers are for some reason more recent than yours. It's the same architecture... weird.
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Posted 19 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
ok, thanks, this is definitely a different problem...

there should be more recent drivers for this card - 2841.19 is even older than mine... Try this one:
but I'm not sure, they'll work since Windows 11 isn't officially supported :)
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Posted 19 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
@Lamberto Vitali is there something relevant in your logs? is it just some tasks or does it always fail?

without any (relevant) error, access to a failing system, or the source code, I don't think I can help...
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Posted 19 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
yes, this will work only if the card is "just slow", as a workaround for testing... If there's a different problem, it could freeze the whole system and it won't automatically recover without a full restart, that's what this protection is for. Either way, it should be fixed in the app.
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Posted 19 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
if you're on Windows, try this trick:

run "regedit"
go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers
change or add a key TdrLevel
set it to "0" (disabled)

it took my poor iGPU 2,5hours to finish :)

Asteroid developers could lower the intensity for low-end GPUs, so they'll be able to process tasks without timing out the driver. It needs some experimenting, but it shouldn't be hard to fix (if this is the only issue).

also (as already mentioned before), a watchdog could help to prevent stuck tasks in case something like this happens...
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Posted 18 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
even if it's a mobile "power-efficient" GPU, compared to more recent cards, it draws 4-5x more power in total to complete the same amount of work (primegrid, einstein). It's hard to make a fair comparison, so take it as an estimate of what the real difference could be.

just because some chip like this is capable of running the code, it doesn't mean it makes sense to torture it 24/7. At least if you care about power... for challenges to squeeze a few points or as a simple heater it's fine.
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Posted 18 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
Let's be constructive. I have an old mobile GCN gpu that doesn't work. I can help with testing if devs are interested, but I have no intention to use it in a long term. In many cases (except games), it's more effective to just use a cpu instead.
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Posted 18 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
6900 is a terrascale (VLIW4) architecture
your GPU R9 280X is a more modern GCN which was a big leap in performance back then, especially for computing
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Posted 18 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
I really didn't want to offend anyone :) my original point is Georgi Vidinski was referring to the wrong GPU model with a similar name, that's why he couldn't find recent drivers.

I don't like throwing away old hardware that still works and I appreciate your efforts to give cards like this a second life. At least it's fun to compare what progress has been made after these years in the HW world.
Btw my 386 still works and it should have all the capabilities to run Asteroids tasks, but I don't think a potential contribution to the project will be meaningful. Yes, it was the best CPU once, but these days it's not the right tool for the job (just joking). There's a point when it's time to move on and drop the historical burden. I don't mean bleeding edge, but that card is a 13-year-old and unsupported by AMD for 8 years. Is it really worth it?
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Posted 18 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
I understand some people can't afford a new GPU, but people don't realize running such old hardware is actually wasting money, even the cheapest 2-hand GPU will pay itself in no time, and most likely offering better performance too = more contribution. It's just a friendly suggestion.
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Posted 18 Sep 2023 by ahorek's team
ok, sorry for the language. The card was high-end in 2010, but it's a really long time...

The performance will be very bad and power consumption high. If it's ok for the owner to pay that price (in the electricity bill) and for developers to spend extra effort supporting it, I can't argue with that. Of course, everyone is welcome to contribute and each WU counts, I just personally don't think it's a reasonable choice.

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