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Posted 26 May 2018 by DadX
At 85c the poor thing is throttling itself in an effort not to burn up. Which is probably why the performance is so low. Try running 25% of the CPUs at 100% and see what temps you get. I also found that those little heat sinks they've been selling since the original PIs do almost nothing. I've been using 25x25x10 or larger, stuck to the CPU with thermal tape. At 10mms tall they still fit in most cases. If you go larger than 25x25 you might have a problem positioning them without using a shim. But if you want to crunch more than WU you need to blow air on them somehow.
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Posted 18 May 2015 by DadX
My Samsung Tab 4 completed the last few with elapse times between 39-49 hrs. So your time doesn't seem too outlandish.
Points awarded would be decent for Andriod if they would post to Boincstats.
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Posted 13 Apr 2015 by DadX
If you have the memory, run this project in a VM with a 6-8 day buffer. When you get WUs then rebalance the number of processors given to the Host OS or the VM.