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Posted 14 days ago by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi Kiska,
Your instance of Grafana is awesome, and it's quite useful!
As to your proposal for sending us alert emails, thank you for that, but we have our own service already running on the server which looks for a lot of parameters including the "task_ready_to_send" and sends us notifications. But it's not always a matter of being notified even 2 days prior queue gets dry. There are always other factors that can lead to a delay in adding new set of tasks. Still we are trying to keep it full in the best way we can before number hits zero.

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Posted 18 days ago by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi gnalord,

We managed to figure it out what was wrong with the settings so, now server just started to send work to the FreeBSD clients.

Feel free to share any additional info or issues if you find any.

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Posted 23 days ago by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi Sjmielh,

As I said we're aware of the fact that the arm64 application is slower. The reason to have it is to provide a fallback option. As to converting a x86_64 SIMD optimized application to an arm64 NEON optimized one the process is not that simple. We have the knowledge how to develop such application. The problem is the time needed to make that happen.

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Posted 30 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Sorry for the delay and thank you for understanding!

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Posted 28 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi gnalord,

Thanks for pointing that out to us!
We'll double check what could be went wrong.

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Posted 27 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi Sjmielh,

Updated versions of the macOS applications has already been released several days ago.
There is an arm64 native application as well which you can give it a try, but it will be slow as it does not utilize NEON SIMDs. So you may want to stick with the Rosetta and x86_64-apple-darwin platform.

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Posted 27 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Gi gnalord,

We just released the latest builds of the FreeBDS x86_64 Period search applications. You can give them a try.
Unfortunately we found out that BOINC's client for FreeBDS does not report 'fma' and 'avx512dq' processor features back to the server. So until and if this is going to be fixed by the BOINC's team your client will be able to execute only the no optimized CPU and the SSE3 applications. Or you can switch to 'Anonymus platform' where you can take advantage of the AVX, FMA or AVX512 SIMD optimized versions.

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Posted 23 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
I'm glad you have solved that.
Other wise there were so many things that you could need to try, check and test.

Don't forget you have 4 different profiles, like Default, Home, School & Work too.

Good luck,
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Posted 21 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi John,

Actually we are preparing a few new macOS applications wich I hope will be released very soon.

What is the deal with Mac support on this project?

Mac or to be exact Apple does not give any kind of support to the Asteroids@home. In the opposite the project supports macOS hosts with some of the available applications.

Yes I have multiple Macs running BOINC and none of them have gotten a WU from this project in years

This sounds like you have some kind of issue either with your BOINC client or else. There are still many contributors which macOS hosts constantly running WU for the project. You can check some of the available stats.

Also of note, this forum only has "platform specific" subforums for Windows and Unix/Linux. While macOS is technical a unix, it's not usually listed in that category.

True, but this is what BOINC project provides to us out of the box. In order additional Discussion to be added to the "Platform-specific problems" Topic needs additional work on the very project core, wich developed by BOINC's developers and is not in our major scope.

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Posted 20 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Well, you're right that every task needs time.
I'll try to find some and build sse3, avx & fma versions along with updated version of the no optimization application.

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Posted 17 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Basically in such situation I would go with a global settings 'ignore_nvidia_dev'. Aside of that inside 'exclude_gpu' structure you may need to specify 'type', 'app', etc.
How BOINC client behave with different projects could differ by so many reasons, just the fact that all those project use different version of BOINC Server will make irrelevant any comparisons. Then the project settings come into account. Then...

This is BOINC issue, so please take a deeper look at the documentation, and follow the instructions. If "Update" or "Reset" of the project does not fix that, you may try reinstall or upgrade your BOINC client.
Client configuration

Don't use the given GPU for the given project. device_num specifies the number of the GPU to exclude (0..63). If not given, exclude all GPUs of the given type. type is required if your computer has more than one type of GPU; otherwise it can be omitted. app specifies the short name of an application (i.e. the name element within the app element in client_state.xml). If specified, only tasks for that app are excluded. You may include multiple exclude_gpu elements. If you change GPU exclusions, you must restart the BOINC client for these changes to take effect. If you want to exclude the GPU use for all projects, look at the ignore_ati_dev, ignore_nvidia_dev and ignore_intel_dev options further down. Requires a client restart.

Hopefully someone will come up with a solution meanwhile.

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Posted 11 Jan 2024 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
It's up to the BOINCs team. But you can watch their progress here:

BOINC Client/Manager 7.26.0 Milestone.

At the moment it says "70% complete".

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Posted 11 Dec 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Please provide detailed 'How To" instructions for making this switch to the Anonymous platform.
When do you anticipate the release of client version 7.26.0?

As a start you may want to read this article "Anonymous platform".
There are numerous discussions on the subject How To Setup and Use Anonymous platform also. You just need to do some search through the Discussion board.

The AVX512 application for Windows can be downloaded here:

Contents of the "app_info.xml" that you'll need to run the AVX512 Windows application:
        <user_friendly_name>Period Search Application</user_friendly_name>

As to the When BOINC client version 7.26.0 will be released is up to BOINC platform developers not us.
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Posted 10 Dec 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
We are very proud to announce our new set of optimized applications that will utilize AVX512 instruction set capable engines or to be precise those, which support AVX512dq instructions!

These applications are built to support both Linux and Windows 64bit architecture OS. The development of this version was possible thanks to the great help provided by ahorek's team!

Unfortunately it turns out that BOINC client applications for Windows still do not report all processor options to the server correctly. It is because of a known bug and even after a lot of discussions in BOINC's channels it's still there. The good news is that thanks to ahorek's team a bugfix was already accepted and merged into the BOINC's repository and the fix will be applied when client version 7.26.0 is released. Till then in order to run the AVX512 application you might need to switch to the Anonymous platform.

We'd like to remind you that while the Boinc server is capable of finding the best performing application for every particular system taking into account multiple factors, after a while it will start sending the right one for every particular system. Which means that even if your CPU supports AVX512dq instructions it still might receive FMA or AVX tasks and there is nothing to be concerned about. In such a case you might want to give a try to the so-called Anonymous platform where your client will explicitly request the AVX512 application.

Happy crunching and thank you for your support!
Asteroids@home's team
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Posted 27 Nov 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi Bogdan,

Thank you for pointing it out.
We were aware there could be issues with some AMD APUs and we are working on a solution.

We'll keep you posted with our progress on solving that issue.
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Posted 23 Nov 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Great job stfn!
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Posted 23 Nov 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski

stfn did some tests and has written a pretty good review in his blog.

It seams Asteroids@home runs 3 times faster on RPi 5.

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Posted 22 Nov 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Done. Crossing fingers for success in their fight!
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Posted 12 Oct 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Dear all,

Same issue here: GPU tasks remain at 0,01% with an AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS.

OpenCL drivers are from ROCm 5.7 package.

I'm running the latest 102.18 GPU application.

What am I doing wrong ?

Best regards,


EDIT: although I terminated most of the tasks when they were stuck at 0,01%, some of them failed on their own:

process exited with code 2 (0x2, -254)</message>
BOINC client version 7.20.5
BOINC GPU type 'ATI', deviceId=0, slot=28
Application: ../../projects/asteroidsathome.net_boinc/period_search_10218_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu__opencl_101_amd_linux
Platform name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
Platform vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
No GPU device found for platform Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.(AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing)


Could you please post here the output form the clinfo?
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Posted 5 Oct 2023 by Profile Georgi Vidinski
Hi everyone,

New OpenCL apps with added bug fix for the hanging issue has been released.
I'd like to say thank you to ahorek's team for helping us to solve the problem!

Waiting for some feedback from you all.


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