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Posted 13 May 2020 by asteroidspi
As a followup to MarkJ's post above, here is info from a Pi Zero (armv6l):

half thumb fastmult vfp edsp java tls
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Posted 10 May 2020 by asteroidspi
Just to followup on my last post in this thread, the Pi 1B+ with the 102.13 app finished the work unit sucessfully after about 11 days of crunching. For the duration of that period, the Pi was overclocked to 1000MHz.

Why does 102.13 app work with the 1B+ but not with the Pi Zeros? Both are ARMv6. However, at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any work available.
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Posted 1 May 2020 by asteroidspi
I too noticed that updated version 102.13 application and wondered if it would create problems. As mentioned above, the Pi 1B+ with the new application seems to be processing a work unit after many downloads with errors.

I also have two Raspberry Pi Zeros running asteroids@home. One finished a work unit this morning and is now failing to start another work unit successfully. It reports the same computation error that appeared for the B+ (see initial post). This Zero now has the new 102.13 app as well. At present, there are 57 work units for that Pi with errors.

All of the Pis have the latest Raspbian operating system (Buster) installed and updated. Glibc doesn't appear to be an installed package with Buster, but I may not be looking in the right place.

Any idea how we can get the Zeros to crunch ateroids@home with these new changes? It remains to be seen if the Pi 1B+ will finish its current work unit satisfactorily and *then* get new work without errors.
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Posted 29 Apr 2020 by asteroidspi
Thank you, Mikey, for your reply.

With no intervention on my part, the Pi 1B+ is now processing a work unit. This is after 295 work units were downloaded today and failed with "error while computing."

Hopefully, the problem is solved, albeit mysteriously.
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Posted 29 Apr 2020 by asteroidspi
Just noticed that a new version of the asteroids application is used by my Raspberry Pi: it's now 102.13; formerly it was 102.1. Could that be the cause of the problem?
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Posted 29 Apr 2020 by asteroidspi
I'm running ateroids@home on a Raspberry Pi 1B+ and currently have 165 work units that have returned an "error while computing." The Task detail shows:

Stderr output

process got signal 4</message>


This computer was processing work units satisfactorily until today. How to correct the problem?
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Posted 10 Aug 2019 by asteroidspi
Work Unit ps_190727_input_1828_3_1 was received on 3 Aug and has a report deadline of 14 Aug. My Raspberry Pi B+ (model 1) has 100 percent of its CPU devoted to Asteroids@Home, but presently has completed only 47 percent of the task, so it appears unlikely that it will finish by the deadline. Is it possible to extend the deadline to allow credit for the completed task?