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Posted 21 Nov 2022 by Profile Monty
it's fair that a GPU would get the SAME credit as the CPU. since both devices did the same amount of work. the GPU just did it faster. but what's not fair is the untended bonus that the CN system applies when two very fast systems validate against each other, presumably the same amount of work that a CPU does (since all the tasks here seem similar in size with some variance) but with lower reward.

static reward fixes these issues.[/quote]

I agree with the GPU and CPU getting the same job, even if the GPU can do it faster. I just wanted to point that out
that for the same unit and it doesn't matter how quickly someone makes it, someone collects 70 credits and the other over 6000 credits. The old way rewards were fairer.
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Posted 21 Nov 2022 by Profile Monty
there are however some cases of inconsistent credit award depending on the validating systems.


with the new app, it seems if the two devices are both Ampere cards, they get about 50x the normal credit. but if either of these devices validates against a CPU or older GPU it gets the normal credit amount.

why should credit award change this much based on who happens to be your wingman?

this is another argument to just go back to the static credit scheme. then all tasks are awarded the same no matter what device crunches it. faster systems will earn more credit based on rate of work completed and not by the luck of the draw with who your wingman is. this is undoubtedly a more fair system.

I don't understand why someone gets 50 times the credit for minimum working hours, when others are given credit according to the length of working hours.
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Posted 17 Nov 2022 by Profile Monty
Compared to other projects with roughly the same CPU time usage, it's still pretty low.