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Posted 24 Mar 2020 by mg13 [HWU]
Hi mg13 [HWU],
Thank you for participating in Asteroids@home.

Creating OpenCL application to support AMD GPUs was always at our RoadMap for years. Even now there is ongoing development on that. No mater there were some turbulence during the years, postponing and getting back on, we are doing our best to make it happen. Once we have solid PoC application we will be glad to provide it to our contributors.



Thank you so much for the answer Georgi.
Do you have an estimate of when this application will be available?
I also wanted to ask you, why don't you see my avatar well?
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Posted 23 Mar 2020 by mg13 [HWU]
A question, do you have plans to make an application in OpenCL version in order to run it with AMD video cards?