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Posted 20 Apr 2020 by S. Graham
After doing some additional searching and reading, I made changes to the BOINC Computing Preferences.

Use at most 100% of the CPU's
Use at most 70% of the CPU Time

Suspend when non-BOINC CPU Usage is above 25%

Those changes seem to have resolved the problem. I am now seeing progress on all four projects I'm participating in.

S. Graham
PA, United States
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Posted 21 Mar 2020 by S. Graham
I've run BOINC tasks for 17 years without problems. Recently, SETI@home indicated they needed to pause and process the results they'd collected. At that time I swapped out SETI@home for Asteroids@home. In the three weeks since I made the change I've noticed that Asteriods@home is not doing any work. (Einstein@home continues to work just fine.) I've set the preferences for A@H to be the same as the preferences for S@H and E@H, but it does not make any difference. What am I missing? (I also decided to add LHC@home and Rosetta@home, and they do not show any work either. Only E@H continues to work.)

Please help.

Windows-10 Home, 64-bit
BOINC Manager 7.14.2 (x64)
wxWidgets Version 3.0.1

S. Graham
PA, United States