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Posted 1 Jun 2020 by Profile JonJen
The total lack of communication from the project managers appears as arrogant,

Silence doesn't equate arrogance. Sometimes silence is just silence. That said, I firmly believe, after reading many articles, that science budgets have been cut across the world as there are anti-science politicians at the helm in many areas today. The first things to get cut are student outreach and public outreach so any message board moderators would be the first to go to preserve the science already in the pipeline. The worst cuts were at NASA where large areas of science were cut and many projects will be wasted and not finished. This article mentions the education office being cut as many universities have also done so to try to preserve the jobs of people doing work rather than monitoring message boards. In some cases, volunteers and project managers of BOINC projects might never have had a monetary budget for helping people or educating the crunchers and they did it pro bono. And when the further new budget cuts hit, they had to do more work for less pay or in some cases were not allowed to come in on the weekends due to covid to help us crunchers or even allowed to pay a university student to check on the message boards! So have some compassion during this horrible time for science.
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Posted 27 Jan 2020 by Profile JonJen
In your BOINC computing preferences, how many days work do you have it set for saving? [Store at least ____ days of work.]
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Posted 27 Jan 2020 by Profile JonJen
I am crunching a WU. (^:
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Posted 27 Feb 2014 by Profile JonJen
Hi All,

I have a Samsung Galaxy III droid and I downloaded Boinc for it. Put in all my info correctly and it says "email already in use". This is for the Asteroids part. So I logged off of website hoping that would solve it, but it did not. Do I need to stop my Boinc running on my desktop as well ? Or try something else ? I was not logged into my email either so that wasn't the issue.


Jon Melusky