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Posted 8 Mar 2024 by swiftmallard
Firefox is refusing to connect saying the certificate has expired, yes I got around it by agreeing to connect to a 'potentially dangerous site' but some browsers are harder than others to do that and my completed tasks won't upload either, guess that's related.

I have to use another browser, Firefox will not connect. I can neither whitelist the site nor upload completed tasks
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Posted 2 May 2014 by swiftmallard
... I'm not sure the landlady would appreciate me crunching regularly

Tell her you are crunching oldbags@home
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Posted 30 Apr 2014 by swiftmallard
I look forwards to that :).

..... although then I'll have a dilemma, do I run A@H or MW on the grx card? ;)

Easy get another pc and grfx card!

Nyuk, nyuk! But seriously, just run each project separately for 30 days or whatever time period floats your boat.
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Posted 14 Apr 2014 by swiftmallard
Some of them at the end of a run of work units simply aren't as large as the others. It's nothing to worry about.
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Posted 28 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
And you already have the "Use NVIDIA GPU " box unchecked, right?
I would detach and re-attach to the project.
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Posted 28 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
In your preferences you see this selection:
If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications? The answer to this should be No
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Posted 20 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
Milky Way uses OpenCL. Would it be an accurate comparison between cards if they use different platforms?
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Posted 19 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
i want to run 4 of these projects continuously. no more than 4.

Pick the one you do not want and select No new tasks, abort any remaining from that project, and you're done.
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Posted 19 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
i am running 5 of these projects at a time. is there an app_info or app_config that where i can limit that from 5 to 4 ?

An app file for one project will not help you with another project. Simply choose the project you do not wish to crunch, select No new tasks, abort any you wish and problem solved.
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Posted 17 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
OK, but then again, if my CPU normally uses 1.5 hour for a job and GPU's 2.5, a 3 hour update would be effective I think. No need for all that traffic, or what??

Maintenance!! As Dagorath put it so very well:
"...maintenance happens, no sense whining about it, deal with it instead.."
This is why there's a function "Do other work if non left for project", or something like that. ;)

7.2.42 will report every hour. No need to use the flag, unless you can't hold on for one hour :-)

This setting is for Boinc in general, right? So it will be the same for SETI@home!? Sorry for the newbie question. Has been reading so much, I'm totally light headed :o

Have a nice one, all of you ;)

7.2.42 will report every hour, whether or not a completed task is available to report. The report every hour setting will work for all Boinc projects, including SETI. The accept work for other applications selection is for other applications within the same project. But it is still a good idea to have a back-up project in mind.
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Posted 16 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
You're 100 % right, except that I don't think Asteroids uses DP.

Yes it does.
See this thread:
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Posted 12 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
Unhide your system so we can take a closer look.
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Posted 1 Mar 2014 by swiftmallard
Confirmed. 20 download errors so far.
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Posted 15 Feb 2014 by swiftmallard
No, just shut down Boinc and install the new version over the old. You'll lose nothing.
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Posted 24 Jan 2014 by swiftmallard
Unhide your computer. Perhaps someone else can try to see it.
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Posted 7 Jan 2014 by swiftmallard
it must be an airflow issue. I took my laptop outside and it dropped from 96 to 70 Celsius. It's -9 outside. Don't feel confident enough to open up the laptop though.

Have you tried vacuuming the vents?
I notice you are using Linux, is there a power management option somewhere? If so, is there an option to select a more appropriate power consumption setting?
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Posted 29 Nov 2013 by swiftmallard
Hope that does not mean the W/U`s wont be crunched by other computers???????.

That's exactly what it means. Others will crunch them and your system will get new ones.
Just set your cache to a low limit, the way Dagorath laid out, and you'll be fine.
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Posted 14 Oct 2013 by swiftmallard
Says and does are two different things. Try adjusting your A@H resource share upwards of your SETI resource share downwards until you achieve the balance you are looking for. As you have just found out, this is going to take time. It's not a race so let it.
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Posted 8 Oct 2013 by swiftmallard
I am not getting any work to process no matter how many times I select update.
It has been a week and nothing. I removed a@h and rejoined again and only got 1 task that completed and was uploaded but no new downloads.

Look in your event log. Boinc is probably not requesting Asteroids tasks because you have so many Seti tasks waiting to run.
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Posted 7 Oct 2013 by swiftmallard
This sounds a bit prosaic but I use the household vacuum and put the hose right up to the warm air discharge of the laptop. Then I seal the other discharge and suck air in through the intakes. Temps run ~ 6°C cooler afterward.

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