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Posted 26 Mar 2024 by Weber462
Hi all -- Just a head's up:

BOINC is a finalist for an notable award, and needs votes (by Sunday):

*Context:* The [World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)]( is a United Nations-sponsored initiative aimed at harnessing the potential of information and communication technologies to build inclusive and equitable information societies worldwide. BOINC has been nominated for [a prize at the 2024 forum](, and has passed initial hurdles; the next and last step ("Phase 3") requires public votes. The award would be a very nice boost and validation for BOINC and all projects; if we can get our communities to vote, we should have a decent shot at this point...

Voting is pretty simple, takes just a few minutes; instructions are [here](

(*The deadline for votes is Sunday: 31 March 2024, 23:00 UTC+02:00)
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Posted 17 Sep 2023 by Weber462
This is awesome! thank you for the work!
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Posted 17 Sep 2023 by Weber462
As far as i know there is no project where you can run more then one WU per core on CPU. If you want to run more then one WU on GPU, you can edit in config file.
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Posted 16 Sep 2023 by Weber462
The AMD WU are up and running if anyone is interested. I certainly was.
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Posted 16 Sep 2023 by Weber462
Hell yeah! welcome!
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Posted 16 Sep 2023 by Weber462
Thank you Georgi Vidinski!!! The AMD WUs are running like clockwork on my rigs. I jumped to 41k/day lol. Im looking forward to getting some work done for this project. Thank you again!
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Posted 11 Sep 2023 by Weber462
mine were erroring out the same way. I have a 7900xtx and 6800x on that host. Its weird, a few would work, but this most would get hung up like you described. on win11
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Posted 10 Aug 2023 by Weber462
agreed. I have 5 AMD cards on einstein right now. I had milkyway as my "backup". But now that milkyway pulled GPU WU, i wanted to use asteroids. Im not into math projects.
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Posted 27 Feb 2023 by Weber462
The Science Commons Initiative is selling T shirts from projects and re-investing profits into BOINC.  I didn't see an asteroids shirt, is this something the Admins would be interested in?  If so, would they have a design in mind, or maybe it something the community could design?  I emailed the Science Commons Initiative, and they needed admins approval and a design. I'm trying to get more projects involved.

From SI-dock

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Posted 2 Feb 2023 by Weber462
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Posted 18 Jan 2023 by Weber462
Any updates? no rush, just wondering. I apparently messed up on many levels by purchasing a 7900xtx lol.
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Posted 7 Dec 2022 by Weber462
nice! thanks for update
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Posted 25 Nov 2022 by Weber462
Awesome! Thanks for the reply!
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Posted 17 Nov 2022 by Weber462
Excited to get some AMD GPU WU in future! I got 4 hungry RDNA2 cards.
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Posted 16 Nov 2022 by Weber462
I sure its a huge pain in the ass, but if you develop any AMD GPU WU, I'd be happy to help. =)