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Posted 23 days ago by Abruraspingi
It's also about gamerfication. The fact that you get credits and badges encourages people to crunch. It's very simple
Just as was mentioned earlier crunching as a team and earning more points than that of another team encourages people to crunch. It's hacking the brain

Gamerfercation, challenges and being proud to contribute to science encourage people to crunch. Though money incentive would help as well (look at how popular team gridcoin is). Most people I know in IRL will not crunch as they see it as a waste of electricity, they feel similar with crypto but at least with crypto you can get something out of it. Points and badges give you that dopamine hit to keep crunching
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Posted 6 Feb 2024 by Abruraspingi
It's happened again, we've run out of work units.
Please release more
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Posted 17 Nov 2023 by Abruraspingi
It helps if you post what is shown in your logs
Tools>Event Logs (CTRL + Shift + E)

It can often show you why you aren't getting tasks. If you list out more data then we can help point you in the right direction
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Posted 29 Aug 2023 by Abruraspingi
Do you have three graphics cards? Make sure that your system is well ventilated as you could just be blowing hot air from one card to the next.

Otherwise you could switch to a water cooled system or try a riser cable
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Posted 29 Aug 2023 by Abruraspingi
Equipment gets sold on eBay and other classifieds to get rid of old equipment or unused.

The other thing is ASIC miners. BOINC is supported by this equipment but I'm unsure about the projects.

Then again there is nothing stopping you from reaching out to these Bitcoin warehouses making a request or paying for time processing BOINC. It's no different from Cloud providers