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Posted 11 Jan 2023 by MindCrime
Hey Keith
You can validate my pending Android work that's been in the Que since Jan 03rd ;)


Those are all allocated to mojdan in Czech who has 72 machines! None are android, so I guess a PC can validate a phone. Unfortunately for you he's set a buffer of about 5.5 days. That's if he doesn't run other projects aswell.

I have pendings back to Jan 1 which is the deadline horizon if these website side times are GMT. I feel like the amount of pendings i have outstanding relative to how much i have validated is rather low.

The available work behavior seems to be systematic, a large amount of work becomes available it gets worked out before new work is added, it runs out for a couple days and new work becomes available. I'm sure someone could better illustrate the work availability of timer.
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Posted 13 Dec 2022 by MindCrime
That doesn't matter, all teams are getting the same "bad" credit. Some projects just "pay" less, always been that way. SETI paid very low for a gpu project relative to others, it still was the most popular gpu project.

project credit should only be compared to itself or other subprojects.
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Posted 16 Oct 2016 by MindCrime
You can't reduce the application effects via app_info or app_config.

App_config allows you to tell boinc how many apps per project you can will allow to run or how many apps per gpu <gpu_usage>1.0...=1 _usage>0.5....=2 per gpu.

app_info can redefine which app is launched but that executable will decide how your desktop behaves.

TL;DR app_info.xml and app_config.xml aren't the answer alone.

I would check into a newer or older more stable driver. Also consider the double precision penalty.
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Posted 25 Sep 2015 by MindCrime
Same problem for my 17 Android devices. But analyzing some tasks for my Windows PCs I detected that some wingmen got tasks for their Androids. As they use the stock BOINC client and I use nativeBOINC, the question is: Has nativeBOINC client become incompatible with Asteroids@home?

I'm an inexperienced android cruncher, but I was able to get a running task on my phone. it's actually a cyanogen OS 12.1... on android 5.1.1

This was on the official BOINC mobile app.