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Posted 4 Apr 2015 by Tobben
I'm running into a download issue aswell..

error file input xx has wrong size, expected xxxx..

For the past 5 minutes i have managed to download a
single of the 40+ tasks i need.
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Posted 9 Dec 2014 by Tobben
Thanks for the update, and good luck with sorting out your issues.
Are you the only one doing maintenance/upkeep on this project though?
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Posted 7 Dec 2014 by Tobben
well, i used the wrong terminology. But as i am
specifically talking about asteroids at home, i
don't think it would be impossible to deduce that
i did indeed mean tasks/wu's and not different
individual projects.

it's just a bad habit from folding.

Either way, this is a problem for me. To the extent
that i simply can't run asteroids@home until this
download problem is sorted. No matter how many times
i try, i can never download enough tasks to keep the
server busy.
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Posted 6 Dec 2014 by Tobben
i am turning back to folding in the meantime,
i would love to know when this issue is fixed.
Running asteroids@home currently isn't feasible.
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Posted 5 Dec 2014 by Tobben
I am getting the same error, and it is a problem because big amounts of processing time is lost/wasted.

i run 48 projects at a time on my 4 processors, when the client is failing to download more than half of the wu's i have to sit here and manually make the project re-sync 5 times to atleast try and stack up a few wu's. When i get home my server will be at 0% load and i have to start over again.

I usually have about 100 projects if not more running/waiting, so you can probably imagine this is pretty hopeless.