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Posted 26 Nov 2023 by Kashra
Is there a way of testing the performance of SSE / AVX / FMA etc. on an individual system?
Once there was a benchmark package available, but I could not find it anymore and it was outdated (more than 10 years) too.

Does anyone know a way how to test for the best instruction set apart from letting boinc choose based on results after some time.

Because I noticed other important metrics too, like system responsiveness or power consumption vs. speed or in other words efficiency.
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Posted 3 Oct 2023 by Kashra

I would like to only receive AVX/FMA workunits, if possible. I am new to the project and noticed that the AVX units are way faster (about half in time compared to SSE ones) if only AVX are active. I assume that my Xeon CPUs "prefer" these instruction sets in terms of efficiency over the SSE ones. After all AVX is there to be an improvement over SSE instructions.

So my question is: Is there a way to only receive AVX/FMA workunits? I tried app_config.xml, but found that all applications are named the same, so I am not able to use app_config to do that.

Is there a way?