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Posted 4 Jul 2021 by scole of TSBT
I don't understand why people criticize project owners/admins. They are volunteers themselves who often invest their own time and money into these projects. They have real life responsibilities too. It's not as if the people who want to run this project have paid a fee to run it. There are many other projects out there you can put your systems to use on. I'm sure Kyong will get the project running as soon as he can. If someone is willing cover the cost of having someone else handle the server installation, message Kyong with your offer. In the meantime, run some other project.
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Posted 9 Mar 2018 by scole of TSBT
still no work units. Reasons?
Because this project is hosted and run by a volunteer who already has a life, a job, gives what free time he can to this project and sometimes he has other priorities? Just guessing :)
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Posted 3 Mar 2018 by scole of TSBT
Projects all have an "Applications" page which lists the specific applications for the project and all the specific characteristics of apps such as whether they are 32 bit or 64 bit, GPU apps, ARM apps and other specific hardware or OS apps. See this project's page here...
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Posted 13 Apr 2015 by scole of TSBT
I had 5 download errors this morning on one system, but of 5 systems there were 34 successful so far.
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Posted 6 Apr 2015 by scole of TSBT
Just curious what the difference is between the 2. I can run sse2 on all 8 cores and keep temps at 60C. If I run 8 avs WUs, temps jump to 70+C. I know Kyong is too busy, but would be nice to make the avx WUs a different app so we could control how many run at a time. Or is there already some other way to limit avx to 4 active WUs?
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Posted 23 Mar 2015 by scole of TSBT
Should we stop trying to download WUs until later or will it help purge bad WUs if we continue to to try downloading?