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Posted 9 Jul 2020 by Gordon Lack
project should be stable now.

Depends on your definition of "stable".
A dead cat can be looked on as "stable."

This project is not letting results be reported because of an inability to open the log file.
It has been in this state for ~ 2 days (with many reports about the problems).

So it is stable, but not really usable.
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Posted 8 Jul 2020 by Gordon Lack
Server is now back, but attempting to report jobs produces:

Wed 08 Jul 2020 01:29:37 BST | Asteroids@home | Server can't open log file (../log_project1/scheduler.log)
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Posted 2 Jul 2020 by Gordon Lack
Old job info doesn't seem to be getting cleared out?

The site is still reporting info on jobs which completed and were validated in February,
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Posted 11 Apr 2018 by Gordon Lack
The Server Status screen does not show any glaring errors so I am wondering if we have run out of disk space somewhere ?
It does now. Only the Upload and Download servers are running.
Reporting a result produces, "Asteroids@home | Project is temporarily shut down for maintenance" in the log.