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Posted 10 Jul 2020 by robert.mouris
Same as everyone else here, I have a bunch of tasks that won't upload due to "can't open log file". I'm relatively lucky in that I have a bunch of disk space and other projects, so not really a problem even if I'm told to abort those tasks.

Nonetheless, do let me know if I need to do that, as they're just kind of hanging around right now. Until I hear otherwise I'll just let them retry until they get through.

By all means, don't delete them. Maybe one or another of your work units cannot be used, as the replacement unit will come ahead of yours, but for the other ones it is OK. If you delete your work units, they are certainly all lost.
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Posted 18 May 2020 by robert.mouris

Boinc does at times a lousy job when it estimates the needed time for a new user and a new project. It will need a few weeks to sort it out. You don't need to fix anything or feel guilty. Let the excessive work units simply expire or abort them pre-emptively. No problem with that, they will be given to someone else instead and you download fresh work units when you need again more work.

I added recently two new GPUs. Boinc does fine with the CPUs, but it still downloads too many work units for the GPUs. It's not perfect, but it's not a problem.
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Posted 17 May 2020 by robert.mouris
You're welcome! Oh, I see that a second work unit has been validated. No instant gratification here, but what are a few hours or days in the life of an asteroid?
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Posted 17 May 2020 by robert.mouris
Work units are sent to two computers, which must both send back the result. Then the results are compared and validated.

You have sent back 1 result that could be validated. Therefore you have 480 credits.

Then you have sent back another 5 results, which wait for the second cruncher to send in the result. When they turn up, your work will be validated. They have up to 10.5 days to do so.

You have done nothing wrong and there is nothing that you must or can do. You just need to wait. Everyone has at any time pending units. I have currently 261 units waiting to be validated. No problem.
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Posted 9 Apr 2020 by robert.mouris
There is a misunderstanding, which is caused by a bad wording in Boinc. The expression "Waiting for Validation" does not mean the same thing for the site as a whole and for the individual cruncher.

When the site says "Waiting for Validation", it means what it says. Unless the validator is stopped or not working, this number is equal to zero or very low.

When the user's work units are waiting for validation, they are first of all waiting for the wingman to deliver his work units. This has nothing to do with validation in itself and the user has no means to speed up the validation.

In fact, the term used is "Waiting for Validation" when it is the server and "Validation Pending" on the user's profile. "Validation Pending" should be called "Waiting for Wingman".

At this moment, everything seems to run smoothly and work units are validated as soon as the wingman has delivered the corresponding work unit.
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Posted 12 Sep 2017 by robert.mouris
Me too!

I remember having read once, maybe for another project, that it is technically impossible to change the deadline after the WUs are sent out. What Kyong could do, is suspending the validator for the first 24 hours. Only fresh WUs would be sent out in the beginning. This would give us all a full day to report our work and prevent the system from issuing replacement units. We would get credit for our useful work and no replacement units would be wasted (3 units reported for a quorum of 2).