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1) Message boards : News : New workunits (Message 4135)
Posted 15 Mar 2015 by Xperos
Hi Kerry,

Just to be clear, to my knowledge, all the projects suffer from the same problem because they are all using the same Boinc server software, albeit different versions. When a project is reset the server ought to cancel any outstanding work units on that account but in my experience that doesn't happen.

You didn't experience the same problem with SETI and Milky Way because those projects are generating new work units that can be sent to you straightaway. The difference here is that the admin of Asteroids wants to clear all the work units from the old job before starting the new workload with a clean database. That means there are no new units being released at this time so none to send. We are waiting on 1,800+ work units that are out in the field to be returned before you will see any quantity of new units. In the meantime you may catch the odd one that is re-assigned due to computing error or timeout.

2) Message boards : News : New workunits (Message 4133)
Posted 15 Mar 2015 by Xperos
Hi Kerry

According to the server stats for your computer the server has 107 cuda work units assigned to your computer. If your computer is showing no work then maybe you reset the project at some time. This leads to the unfortunate situation that the server thinks you have work but you don't and there is no way you can cancel them, you just have to wait for the tasks to time out so that they can be sent to someone else.

Under normal circumstances this does not matter a great deal, but right now it is significant because the admin has stated that new work units will not be release until all the existing units have been processed and returned.

In the case of your units we will have to wait until the 23rd March until they have all timed out and been assigned to other users, and then wait until those re-assigned units have been processed before new work units will be release.

This means that we will all be kicking our heals for at least another week unless the admin is proactive in cancelling the remaining work units or shortening their life to say one day so that the remaining units have a chance of being processed sooner.


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