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Posted 21 Apr 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
The BOINC programs appear to Download files to your computer on the basis of:

1. How many days work you set each BOINC project (Max 10 days)

2. The speed of your processing.This reflects on how much work you can get through in the number of days (to Max 10 days) you preset for each project.

3. If you are processing more that One Project, you can set different amounts for each project.

4. Note that BOINC processing will process the Files with the shortest completion date, in that order.

5. Thus the files are normally processed in order of "Required By" date.

6. You are processing 5 Projects.

7. Your PC is approximately the same as mine - I have Intel 17 3.5GHz 4 core (8 engines) and a Video card similar to you, but I have 32GB of RAM.

8. You may need more RAM, that will help with processing speeds, likewise a Solid State Drive will also increase processing speeds.

9. It is possible you have not set the local processing speed - I have mine set at 90% CPU at all times, PC runs all the time, never stops. (That's the best way for long life of computers, as microdamage occurs during warmup-cool down periods, as parts expand/contract at different rates)

10. How BOINC works: The Faster you process, means you get more work in that Project.

I have plenty of Work Units ahead for my 3 projects.

Lets know your further progress.

Cheers from a Far-Away-Land

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Posted 12 Apr 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
Thanks Kyong,

You;ll be pleased to have settled in once more.

Just to advise all running well, here over last several days.

There are no Invalid Downloads or other troubles now.

Cheers from Far-Away-Land

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Posted 29 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield

It may well be that the combination of using BOINC engine and some/all other applications are using all your RAM up.

I discovered (with 32GB of RAM and an i7 running at 3.7GHZ on a 256GB SSD, that RAM usage crept up and up.

Using (I'm in Win7 Ultimate) when checking with the free App: "Process Explorer" from
that the RAM was almost entirely used up.

Thus the CPU was spinning the gears, but getting little progress.

Using "Process Explorer" I could see which Applications were using much RAM.

I closed Process, and expected the RAM use to drop.

I tried closing BOINC.exe, and although that closed, the CPU engines just kept going, and I could not stop them.

All that was left was a restart of the PC.

I have set the BOINC useage at 90% CPU and Graphics Card RAM usage also, and that may have a bearing on the system.

The computer runs 24/7 ...So...what I do now is Reboot once per day.

Now I have no troubles.

Try it and see.

Cheers :)
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Posted 24 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
All my work units are now being marked "Download Failed". But my other BOINC projects are fine.

Your thoughts?

The admin knows about the problems and is working to correct them.

Is there anything we can do to help?

You can successfully get a few WU if you set all other projects to 'No New Tasks"
then go into Tools->Computing Preferences->network usage tab->Max additional work buffer = 10 days.
Then go to the project link and click Update for Asteroids@Home and the project should send 15 to 70 WU's.
Wait a minute until all the downloads are completed as failed or successful (none, or maybe 1).
You can update several times until the project backs you off with the message 'no tasks sent you have received the allotted 1 WU for the day' in the Event Log.

Remember to reset your buffer to it's original setting (usually 1 day) and then put all your Projects back to accepting new tasks.

You should end up with 3 to 10 Asteroids@Home WU's to process.

I tried that, it has now stopped sending me "failed downloads" and it has stopped sending me WU's. Even when I reverted everything back the way it was.
I think I broke the Internet again? :)

You didn't break the Internet, your Computer arrived at and is now Downloading.

Now get out and buy more Hard Drives, so you can fill them.


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Posted 24 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield

Just now Downloaded 77 files.

All Download Failed

All have the Deadline of 4/04/2015.

Once again, I have Aborted them.

And am continuing processing.
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Posted 23 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
58 Files Just Download.

All as "Download Failed"

Deadline for each one is 04/04/2015

Because of Failed Download, I have Aborted each Failed Download.

Meanwhile have some work, up to last Deadline of 3/04/2015.

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Posted 19 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
I'm also unsure why Downloads fail.

I now had many "Failed Downloads" so selected them and "Aborted" them

On Updating Asteroids, I got Downloads again, they all failed.

I can't see any easy way to post the list here, without laboriously typing it out by hand.

AThe Deadline for each of the "Failed Downloads" is 30/03/2015 11:52:-- pm

Helpful advice would be useful

Cheers from a Faraway Land[/img]
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Posted 16 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
Hi Nick,

Some WU are easy and fast to process, others take longer and slower.

It may be that you have downloaded a bunch of fast short WU, easy to process.

Just keep on with them.


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Posted 16 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
Thanks Kyong,

All working here again :)

My office heater now working properly.


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Posted 15 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield
Thanks Xperos,

It seems a dopey sort of way to operate the Work Units.

I had a PC crash here, due to lots of lightning strikes causing mains power blips.

SETI + Asteroids + Milky Way all frozen when I restarted the PC.

I had to reset all projects.

SETI and Milky Way loaded new tasks and are rocketing along OK.

Sadly the Asteroids setup as you describe means that for some days - weeks ? Asteroids won't supply new tasks, until all the 'deleted at reset" tasks are given to others and processed.

It's an odd sort of Setup, SETI and Millky Way don't have any such problems.

I shall just carry on, and at some indeterminate future time, perhaps Asteroids will send me more Work Units.

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Posted 15 Mar 2015 by Profile Kerry Summerfield

Asteroids are not now sending any Work units to me at all, for the last couple of days.

I have "Updated" Asteroids several times manually, but I just get "Communication Deferred" advice, then the advice clock ticks down 5 seconds then zilch.

Using Win 7 Ultimate 64bit - Plenty of processing power etc.

Appreciate advice.