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Last updated 23 Jun 2021, 16:00:06 UTC

Jens Pietschmann ("Hallo, liebes Team mein Name ist Jens und ich wohne in Leipzig. Leipzig hat 550 000...")
john p donnelly ("seti rocks")
John Chrzastek ("I'm a cranky old geezer who goes all the way back to vacuum tubes and Morse code. So get...")
Johns ("Remote Broadcast Engineer from Nashville, TN")
JohnRB ("Your ordinary 30 something year old techy. I.T. Consultant and 15 other titles I can list...")
Joe Parish ("Soldier in WMD defense turned Science teacher in Texas.")
Jade5233 ("My name is Jade McCarthy and I'm a 27 yr old lady, environmental science student, currently...")
Joseph Blethen ("I am a student in Virginia who absolutely adores astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. I...")
jhuebner ("running 1, 2, 4 core Raspberry Pi's Maybe an AMD, & Nvida, I try to avoid...")

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