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Tired of training as always without getting the
results you expect? Well, it's time to change your training
plan. We offer you much more effective alternatives to 6 classic exercises among women.

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The change, change your exercises and change you.
There is not too much practical information about how women should train. More than half of the people I've trained have been girls and I made so many
mistakes with them that I ended up closing in how, when, for what and for who.
I have seen many "slave" for years without achieving their goals with
"special women’s clothing" (these with small mancuernites and a repetition marathon in exercises aimed at "conflictive zones"
and elliptical hours to finish... you all know what I’m talking

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Something's something, and better than no exercise. But I'm pretending you'll get the most of the time you're doing training.

In this case, I can tell you that the best exercises for
women... are the same exercises that men have done in the free weight room for a long time, but framed
within a program that takes into account all the specificities we
have already spoken of.
Here are 6 good examples in which we have given "the change":
we offer you a more effective alternative for traditional
exercises in the training of girls.

Change the treadmill to the swing with kettlebell
If you replace the ribbon with kettlebell:

♪ You remove stress from impacts on joints.

♪ Train your buttocks and ischiotypicals, youth musculature
and athletic performance.

♪ You get more progress with less time investment.

♪ You can progress to heavier kettlebells as
you become stronger

Change of abdominal encogiments lying to hanging leg

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Almost all "traditional" abdominals are a waste of time and, in some
cases, they may be harmful. Give an opportunity
to the hanging elevations, it is one of the most effective ways to activate
your abdominal rectum and it is also an excellent progression towards the
dominated ones, since remaining hung will activate the musculature of your back and arms,
indispensable to elevate you in the future above the bar.

Make sure you raise your knees and try to reach your chest, so you can rotate your hip and shrink your abdominal muscles in the right way.
If you only raise your knees up to 90°, you'll be simply activating the flexors of your hips, which is not the target.

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Machine for glutes to hip thrust with bar

You know that "zone reduction" does not exist. You can't
take away fat from a specific area as long as you work it
out. However, it is possible to build musculature in a specific area.
For example, increasing the muscles of glutes is a good way to give a more proportionate shape to a too
wide and flat ass.
Squats, clogs and dead weight are good exercises
to work this area, but nothing better focuses the
gluteum work than a "hip thurst" with rod and heavy loads.
Of course, it is much more effective than the machines to work the gluteum.

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Change from tripceps to push ups closed

Another example of typical exercise of female and misrepresented training.
For many "tryceps" you perform, the fat on the part of your arms will not melt.
Getting some hard triceps is fine, but you won't get it with a colored mancuernite.

Better make "closed" funds, with your hands supported to
a width below that of your shoulders and your arms almost
glued to the body during execution. If you are not yet
able to do them well, you can start progression by leaning them on a bench (with the
height you need, at the height plus help) or by supporting your knees on the floor.

Change of the machine of aductors to the dead weight

That aductor machine you still find in some gym, it's not going
to end the fat around your thighs and hips. And it doesn't give you any functional benefits in your everyday life either.
To strengthen the aductors and quadriceps, try the sumo-type dead weight (referring to
the fighters of this specialty). The position is more
benevolent with your lumbars and increases the activation of aductors and quadriceps, as well as making the
chore work.

Change of extra abdominals by a combination of exercises
Women love to use you in depth by training the abdomen...
and many have done too much. The shortest way to reduce body fat and get an athletic body (and a waist) is not making
hundreds of abs. It is much more effective to do large complex exercises whose execution elevates your metabolism and
also produces a activation of your core in a much
more functional way, so they should be included in all your trainings.
Exercises such as squat, dead weight, halons, drags,
etc are framed in this group.

I hope this article has helped you to "return" your perception of how to train if you want to get big changes.
You can't get another's body, but you can get very proud
of your own body whatever the starting point. You just need a
"click". And remember, do what you do and believe what you believe...
you're great!Sign up for free to our PODCAST and you won't miss
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