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Crumpled up printer paper has been used at least once. Several victims
have received "Tape Jobs", which involve using tape (usually
scotch or packing tape) to attach every object to
every other in various ways. Sometimes the office is still usable, although the furniture has been frozen by
the tape. At least one tape job used 9 track tape, wrapped around everything.

Microsoft has always offered free soda pop, in cans,
to it's employees. When you're done with the can, you're supposed
to recycle. Until the last few years, they didn't have
office recycling, and some people tended to let the cans
build up. Some people build artistic pyramids or walls with their
cans. On occasion a person has had every horizontal surface of their office--desk, floor, chair, monitor
top, bookshelves, etc--covered with empty soda cans,
claimed from the recycling bin by their friends. Paul Butzi liked to keep his office barren. No
desk, just a bookshelf, a stand for his
terminal or computer, and a chair.

A simple yet extremely effective spam blocker now makes email filtering
a breeze! In the world of emails, spam is the big
enemy. Starting from promotional emails from multi-billion corporations to fake emails that imitate
reputable banks, a whole variety of emails can be classified as spam.

If you are not careful, you are bound to receive hundreds of such unnecessary
emails over the course of a single day. But what can you do to avoid falling victim to scammers
via spam email? Being careful in the online world is all about using products that
help you keep your life in control or in balance.
Once such kind of tools are spam blockers, also referred to as third party
spam filters, and there are many different varieties of spam email blockers available.
Yet, your mileage may vary depending on which one you use.
Thankfully, there is one particular blocker that is worth having when it comes to getting rid of unwanted emails, called Block Sender for Gmail.
Not only is this a versatile app, but it's also fast and
efficient. With just a few clicks, you're set up and have blocked your first
spammer! You will no longer receive unwanted emails from the sender or domain you blocked.
It doesn’t take much to stop spam email if you use
effective tools like Block Sender for Gmail.
Apart from allowing you to block emails in Gmail easily, the app offers
a number of other useful features as well to filter spam.
For example, you can choose from a number of free ways to block unwanted
emails using the "Block" button, or you can find even more advanced blocks elsewhere in the app.
You can even select whether to send the blocked emails to trash, archive them, or
have them deleted and skip the trash!

How to protect your Telegram group from spammers collaborate with a larger federation! If you've been using Telegram
for any length of time, you may have noticed the spam
bots. Its time to put an end to this and get back to our conversations.
Today, we have tested out a private, open-source
Telegram bot & banlist federation solution that can serve our greater community.
Its been chosen due to its committment to privacy (they do not collect the content of messages unlike other bots), and because it is open-source and self-hostable.

If you have a Telegram group this article will show you how to add Sophie
Bot, set up a welcome captcha for your group, and how to join a federation. As a Telegram group owner you can do the following to get Sophie Bot set up
in your group. 1. Add the bot (@rSophieBot) as a new administrator.
As a precaution, only give it permission to delete
messages and ban users.

Search engines are how most people find the sites they visit.
They go to Google or Yahoo! So how can you get to the top of
that first page of sites? First, let's talk about
search engines. Search engines create databases of the information on Web sites across the Internet.
They categorize that information according to keywords so that users can easily find the precise information they are looking for
in the more than one billion Web pages out there. While some search sites are directory-based like Yahoo!
Web, visiting Web sites and indexing their content based on the text found on their pages and then following their links to other sites.
Still others rank sites within search categories based on how
much the sites are willing to pay for click-throughs.
The sites pay nothing to be listed, but may pay a small amount for every
person that clicks on the link to their site.

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