Project Asteroids@home

Server status - online

Project status - offline

Update - 17-06-2022

New server is finally up and running. Website has been transfered to the new server and we now have to trasnfer all project data from old server to the new one. It will take approximately 2 weeks and after that the final project configuration will be made.

Update - 02-12-2021

Project servers are currently offline for longer period than expected. The main reason is that waiting for a new server took longer than expected. We finally have a new server but it will still take some time to start the project again. The new server will be at a different location than old servers are, all the project data have to be transferred there and BOINC server must be upgraded to the latest version before running up again. The project was running on three servers which two of them crashed. BOINC project data was using those two bad servers, non-BOINC project data was on the third server. New server will be running BOINC project data from both bad servers.

I am sorry I didn't post any news earlier. If needed I will post additional information here. I suppose that the project will be ready to continue by the end of month. This website is now running temporary on a Raspberry Pi and will switch to a new server when ready.